The Worrinots


Recent studies show that children’s mental health issues are on the rise. As children mature their worries do too. The fear of the dark develops into worries about academic tests and family issues. In their search for answers, children turn to the internet, a wealth of information… that is also unsafe and unfiltered.

The sole aim of The Worrinots app is to help children communicate their fears, worries and anxieties in a way that is easy, accessible and trusted by parents. 

The app encourages children to share their fears, worries and anxieties early on before they fester and become greater issues in later life. Our ‘child-first’ philosophy has driven every step of the design and development, as we recognise that many children’s worries are compounded by verbalising their fears. And many adults don’t always know the best way to approach difficult issues, even if they mean well.

The Worrinots app is therefore intended to act as a better-informed solution than the DIY method that some adults think will work. The Worrinots app suite has been designed with security of data in mind, as Oakley Mobile understands the sensitive nature of what is being entered and also the responsibility of how responses could influence a child’s behaviour.

 How does The Worrinots app work?

The Worrinots app tackles fears head-on whilst providing long-term coping mechanisms in three simple steps:

 1: Share the fear

Chomp, Shakey, Rip and Stomp are one of four characters children can choose to be able to communicate their fears, worries and anxieties to. Messages can be communicated in a number of methods within the app; writing, talking or voice recording.


2: Watch it disappear

Once the worry is written it is sent off by the child at the touch of a button. Chomp, Shakey, Rip or Stomp will then show children how they ‘make the fear disappear’ in their own unique and humorous ways.


 3: Tips & Tactics

Sharing a worry is only part of making ‘the fear disapear’. The ‘WorriTips’ have been developed with expert insight from child psychologists and provide children with longer-term support regarding their specific worries or anxieties.