Photographer covering South London

I’m Andrea. I’m here to help you all get into the swing of things and to make sure everyone feels at ease in front of my camera.

As a Greenwich Photographer I am well positioned in the city to travel all over London for family photo sessions. A lot of my sessions start in the home and then move onto an outdoor location nearby.

I’ve had plenty of practice as a mum to two young boys, Finlay 8 and Noah 5. I am used to seeing the whole gamut of emotions; I have laughed with them on many occasions (see my make-over, courtesy of my youngest!) and I have also seen them through tantrums, tears and remember the stresses of being a parent to newborns. Being laid back helps, especially when I need to pull a face or make up a silly rhyme to help everyone relax.

I LOVE natural light filled, stylish photos, nearly as much as I love Pinterest. Finding beautiful light can transform one scene into something completely different. Something quite magical. Knowing how to get the most out of each family and when exactly to press the shutter in all the chaos is a huge part of my style. I’m in it for the emotions, the expressions and the natural beauty of the moment.

Modern lifestyle; that may be the best way to describe my style. I’m not looking to create a stilted line-up from the Victorian era, my images have context and feeling. I’m looking to grasp little pieces of your family. It could be a fleeting geeky moment between you all or a beautiful emotional embrace between two of you. As you know no two families are the same, and my wish is for your uniqueness to shine through in your family photos. So, while I may begin my family photo sessions with a ‘warm up’; in the end, you guys are so comfortable I just have to capture the action as it unfolds around me.


email: [email protected]

Tel: 07793053318