Appealing hints and tips

Be as clear as you can for the reasons of your appeal.

If possible provide medical evidence for the need for transport assistance, such as letters of support from a GP, paediatrician’s reports, or sections from Education Health and Care Plans or Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Provide evidence from current legislation and statutory Government guidance to support your appeal. Our Transport Myths page has some quotes from the government guidance.

Keep any records of any contact and conversations with Local Authorities regarding your transport situation. If you have a phone conversation take the name of the officer you are speaking to. It is also worth asking them to confirm what you have spoken about in an email so you have a record for evidence in future appeals if required.

Be persistent, Local Authorities do reject transport applications for children and young adults who ARE entitled to SEN home to school transport. Local Authorities need to be challenged and held to account where necessary. Complaints and appeals can be, and are, won at the Local Government Ombudsman stage by parents and young adults.

Always be as calm as possible and try not to lose your temper!